Business Mastering Areas

1475792179_business_affiliate_marketingWhich area can you improve? Find out how to master that area.

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Checklist Starting a Business


This is a checklist showing you step by step how to successfully set up your business. Maybe you own a business and want to double-check how to improve your current business and taking care of missed details?

Using this checklist will help you to successfully starting your business without making “newbie” mistakes. This checklist is my gift to you to use when planning and implementing your business startup! read more

Best Marketing Strategy?


Filling your pipeline can be done both offline as online. What will be your Lead Capture Strategy?

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Presentation skill

attitude is a little thing that makes a big differenceDid you know that how you stand and speak is how you are being perceived?

You may think ‘I have no desire to speak publically, I will never step onto stage to give a presentation’…

… I want you to know this: When someone asks you what it is that you do, and you give your elevator pitch or “Impact Statement”, the stage is been given to you. read more

Elevator Pitch

there are people who don't know what you do. Tell them

  • #1 problem: I don’t have my elevator pitch.
  • #2 problem: I don’t know how I would like to present myself. Who am I?
  • #3 problem: What exactly do I do?

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Did you set new goals yet?

set_new_goalsReview your year. Find out why you haven’t accomplished your goals and what is really driving your decisions. read more



Feeling alive and fully engaged?

JoyHow do you utilize your talents and abilities? Do you get the highest return on investment of your time and energy? read more



Essential website needs

checklistHere is a list of everything you need to launch your website. It’s also come handy when hiring a website designer to make sure they cover all of your basics! download your checklist read more


Ever wondered how to use Google Plus for your business?

google_plus_imageYour Google+ presence is a home for your identity on Google. It’s how people can learn more about your brand when they discover it on Google+, or across products like Google Search, Google Play, and YouTube. Build a strong Google+ presence to create a more consistent brand message across Google.

Download now your copy of the 79 pages instructions manual here

Will Google delist you?

Search Engine - Magnifying GlassGoogle is changing their search algorithms to only display mobile-optimized websites for mobile searches, and…


This change will have a significant impact on where websites are ranked when searching Google on a mobile device. read more

Do you use your time as your most valuable asset?

time wasteYour most valuable asset is time; use and protect it as accordingly! Everybody has the same 24 hours in a day. It’s how you use it, and what you use it for that can make you rich or successful. read more


Are you playing at full potential?

unleash the greatness in youWhen you know you are here on earth to DO MORE than you are doing, BE MORE than you are being and IMPACT MORE than you are currently doing. read more


SEO and linkbuilding?

Make your online business profitableSEO = more website traffic = more leads = more sales = more business. read more



Competitors helping you to grow your business?

competitors_helping_you_to_grow_businessKeep this in mind, too: Competitors can actually help you grow your business. Here’s how: read more


How to find a good team?

in life its not where you travel its who you travel withThe freedom she and her husband are enjoying to travel and to give seminars now, is because they have a great team who are taking care of the business, even when they are not around.

“It took us 17 years,” she said, “to find this great people, who look after our businesses.”

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Leading At The Speed Of Trust.

Happy-EmployeesTrust is of many different natures, and we’re going to get into as many as I can, and some really intriguing facets. But the faster you gain the trust of a prospect — the quicker the sales cycle is closed… the faster the purchase is made… the more the size of the purchase… the more items are purchased… the more frequency of purchase… the more people they’ll refer to you.

Trust always affects two outcomes in business, in relationships, and in life. Two outcomes are always affected by trust. read more

Are you guilty of Client Booty-calls?

do small things with great loveA question: Are you guilty of “client booty-calls”?

Aka: a non-existent communication funnel, but once in a while “buy me now” email/call. Let me say this: in the Social media era, these cold-acquisition emailing is feeling asocial, self-centered.. read more


What sets you apart?

what sets you apartDo your prospects and leads, even your peers and ex-colleagues know exactly what you do? What you offer?

The most important mistakes I see entrepreneurs and small business owners make is that they speak from ‘what they do’. read more


How to use time effectively while one is so eager to get its goals?

either you run the day or the day runs youBefore someone taught me how to set goals, I made a To-DO list, and tried to do everything, to end up exhausted and realising that all the million things I’ve been doing didn’t brought me closer to my goal.

Until someone told me that “trying” was never going to bring me to my goal, as it is a Mindset-thing.

Then someone taught me to schedule the goal in bite-sized action steps, which was indeed a powerful way to be productive. And being more productive made me wanting more productivity! More could be done, more clients, bigger clients! read more

What is the secret source of knowledge where highly successful people tap from?

why-brainstorming-is-vitalHave you ever wondered how successful people get all those amazing ideas?

But my curiosity is where highly successful entrepreneurs get their powerful ideas from. A little research gave me similar answers: read more

10 Benefits of Market Research for Small Businesses

market researchMarket research is like a compass. Without it, business owners like you and me can end up in crossroads of guesstimations (not really good for business). If thriving businesses use market research to navigate them to the right business strategy. read more

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