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“Build your business while using cheat codes”


I highly recommend people to work with Sun if they are serious about moving their business forward. Working with Sun will speed up the development of your business. It’s like playing a video game (you building your business) while using cheat codes (Sun) so you can complete the missions/quests faster.

Sun has helped me to see more clearly about which way I want to go with my business, she helped me with creating a bullet proof marketing strategy that I can implement directly and she has changed my perspective of what’s possible in life and business. Sun believed in me when I was doubting myself.. something entrepreneurs experience regularly while building a business. I am really grateful for that and I will continue to work with Sun in the future.

Karim Boutouta

Business Developer | Founder, Superhuman

Are you ready for Monster Growth? Scaling your business? Increasing your revenue dramatically? Growing your team? Becoming the leading authority?

Success is NOT a Fantasy. It's a Formula... a Strategy.

success is a formula

Having build my own business from 0 to 8 million in annual revenue, in 3 years. Been in charge at 6 businesses. Having worked with 125 employees.

Having gone through 3 economic crisis, saved businesses from going broke. And one fell apart (I had a partner that drove the business underground) … I know a thing or two about what is needed to solve problems – fast and cost effective.

And that is real life experience you can tap from.

As Business Growth Expert I help you (and your staff) make your business succeed and increase profits. I’ve helped businesses become successful with impossible products

I bring in 22 years of outstanding business experience you can add-on to your business and it’s growth strategy. To solve problems, and to help your company grow, improving efficiencies, positioning your business or create and sell new innovations.

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Why would you be Poor? Struggling?

“Sun helped laying a solid foundation for my enterprise and gave me a clear focus to start with!”


I’ve had the opportunity and privilege of working with Sun the past months. She has guided and helped me setting up my business. In that she has proven herself of being a very dedicated and professional coach. With tailored advice, questionnaires, checklists and face to face brainstorm sessions Sun helped laying a solid foundation for my enterprise and gave me a clear focus to start with! I can and do recommend her services such as workshops, open office hour and VIP day to everyone who wants to accelerate achieving their business and personal goals.

Joost Moolenburgh

Architect, Oogh Consultancy | Design | Development

business consultant Sun Vandenbrande


Business Growth Expert & Success Coach

If you are in the need for structure and guidance?
If you need that targeted approach to help you systemize for growth….

… then you are in the right place!

Mindset and success strategies were given by my stepdad – a Triple World Champion – and his celebrity friends. (and YES! it’s more easy when you know how)

As Business Growth Facilitator: I help entrepreneurs and small businesses to create coherence between cash, customers and conversion. I help to fill the gaps in sales funnels and marketing funnels, but also the gaps in the user flow and delivery of product or service. If the project is still in early stages then I check whether the market is hungry and how and where the potential customer would hang out. If the business has been active for some time then I look for where and how to achieve growth and bringing in more clients, more cash and more conversion.

We help you to see the steps and to implement what is needed either by coaching you towards the desired goals, project managing or by or training your staff. But most important of all: we create your business growth together. At occasions I work at the clients sites with the team, to see how everything interacts; the people, systems, finances and the owner.

Improving the whole business means we look at every area (processes, strategy, planning, marketing, sales, staff, products, premises, finance, IT, warehousing, personal life, limiting beliefs, fears and habits, etc), to make sure it’s all working as efficiently as it can. We structure and uplevel processes, look where profit is leaking away and how you, your team, services and/or products can be improved.

I think the world is a much better place if entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders are successful with their passion and skills, so they can serve more clients, staff and markets. I’m helping them to Excel, push them to the next level and to become known as the Expert in their Industry.

I help you succeed on your own terms. Whatever your goal is, we’ll score! My positive attitude, plus the belief in you and in your dream / goal, will leave you inspired, motivated and ENERGIZED to go out there and get what you need. Ask what you want.

If you need the support of someone who’s been there done that, then you should wait no longer.


Reasons to Get Yourself a Coach ~ Growth Consultant:

  • Gain an objective opinion of your business.
  • Create a strategic plan that will direct how your business will grow.
  • Learn how and why leadership is so vital to business growth and success.
  • Increase the productivity of your business and employees, now and in the future.
  • Uncover skills you didn’t think you had.
  • Exercise the muscle called your mind.
  • Locate what is missing in your plan in order to develop increased action.
  • Reduce the stress in your personal and business.
  • Reach and achieve what you once thought were unrealistic goals.
  • Hear how others are achieving success in their business.
  • Cultivate a much larger capacity for producing exceptional results (compared to your current results).
  • Operate in life as someone who can overcome ANY obstacle regardless of what it is.
  • Have power over your time instead of your time having power over you.
  • Experience having “fun” in business again.
  • Work from a place of creating in life rather than “surviving”.
  • Make a difference in the world in a far more profound way that you are currently.
  • Have greater awareness and greater clarity around goals and objectives.
  • Experience improved relationships among all of your departments in your business.
  • Greater capacity to initiate change within the culture or future of your organization.
  • Increase your competency for conflict management.
  • Become more assertive and make decisions easier.
  • Increase your competency of creating successful new leaders.
  • Experienced increased retention and addition of high performance emloyees.

What others say:

“I use her guidelines for a solid business, financial independence … with time to do fun stuff”

“I met Sun as a self-employed International Dewatering expert. My daily business was cold-acquisition, customer service, calculating and reporting. My focus was to buy the current office and home and work 1 or 2 days a week – but still be financially comfortable as I do not need much. Sun made me realize this path is long and risky. I used her guidelines for a solid business, financial independence and a career with time to do fun stuff. I tripled my income in 2 years and I became the respected authority in my industry.”

~ E.J. Loots | the Netherlands

Founder, Loots Groundwater International

“Great ideas and exiting thoughts.”

“Let me use this opportunity to thank you for the inspiration you have brought into my life, for all the great ideas and exiting thoughts you have incepted, and for the support you have given me.”

~ Rafael Badziag | Germany

Angel Investor & Business Owner, Raddiscount

“…we were awarded the fib Award and RTL Business Success Award”

“Meeting with Sun is energizing. Inspiring and rejuvenating to see opportunities again. Sun is a gift for every entrepreneur. She empowered me to continue with my dreams and goals.  Because of that we were awarded the fib Award and RTL Succes Award “the best in Construction”. 

~ Dil Tirimanna | the Netherlands

winner fib Award & RTL Business Success Award, FDN Engineering

“We ranked 1st page at Google, when launching the website!”

“Sun taught me the real essence of a website and how to capture highly interested leads for my services. Implementing her knowledge about search engines and rankings, we’ve built a website which ranked 1st page at Google when launching the website online. We own position #1 at 1st page, only after 12 days. Since then we have been able to convert clients and earn our investment back mutiple times.”

~ Bronbemaling Kosten | the Netherlands

owner, Bronbemaling kosten

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From Dream to Destiny. Launch a new business and revenue stream quickly.

Startup Business: set up the Basics to struggle less.

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Increasing revenue dramatically so you’ll have less stress and improve quality of life.

High Ticket Services: Marketing and Sales

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Align your Marketing System with your personality, situation and ideal clients.

Tailored strategy: be at the right place with the right offer.

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Become the Go-to Expert, the Leader of your Industry, market or niche.

While you deliver the best, we position you as the market leader.

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Remove guilt, confusion and fear that is holding you back.

Free yourself and relief emotions: Personal Development.

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Becoming the best by behaving the best, to have the best.

Improving the business by improving you.

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Be a respected example to those around you.

Lead others into the light. Manage better.

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Multiple your time and client base and grow your business.

Outsourcing: the Art of Delegation while attracting ideal clients.

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My ideal client is ready & wanting to push the current limits.

Being thé Go To Expert is a whole other game.

It takes a different set of Skills vs. ‘getting by’.

It requires a different Mindset vs. ‘getting known’.

It’s a different Playground vs. ‘having a successful business’.

I'll teach you this game

My ideal client is the doer, the action taker, the one who takes responsibility of their life and the outcome of their actions.

Are You Coachable?

Ο     Not Coachable The person who ONLY takes action from their own voice in their head to the exclusion of the coach’s voice.

Ο     Selectively Coachable The person who ONLY takes action when they AGREE with the coach.

Ο     Reluctantly Coachable The person who takes action with the Coach has him do while simultaneously living with DOUBT or distrust.

Ο     Completely Coachable The person who takes action with what the coach has him do and COMPLETELY trusts that his coach has his best interest at heart.


It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for – and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing. It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool – for love – for your dreams – for the adventure of being alive.

~Oriah Mountain Dreamer

I can help you make your dream come true...

…I can teach you what it takes and how to get there.

I’ll share everything what I did to build my dream business,

turn over millions, retire early and living a dream…

You are in a good company

Sun has been trusted advisor to these and many more great customers

clients Sun Van denbrande