Filling your pipeline can be done both offline as online. What will be your Lead Capture Strategy?

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Honestly, I personally think an established business should use the combination of all the different marketing techniques, however if you just start, or you are a solopreneur with limited resources – think time and budget – then let’s focus on creating a constant and consistent way to market and fill your pipeline. Your business will be so ready to attract and convert clients!

There are a few things at the moment that are hot now. What works best for you will depend on your industry, your service/product and your personality/strengths.

40 marketing and lead capturesWhat will be your Lead Capture Strategy?

Choose your 5 most favourite Lead Capture Strategies. (Hover over the image and click)

Research these Lead Capture Strategies in relation to your Industry. (What does your Top Competitor do? How can you better that?)

The best technique is to choose a minimum of 3 marketing strategies and implement them on consistent base. Decide how and when you will start up these Lead Capture Strategies.


What will be your 1st Lead Capture Strategy?

How to be a far more effective marketer? How to let your audience really get to know you and your message?

This is when you focus all of your attention on 1 place, with 1 objective. Additionally, this will help you stay aligned and get more done while giving a great users experience.


What works best for you? Your industry, your service/product and your personality/strengths?

When answering these questions and discovering your best marketing strategy suited for your personality and your business…
When you have the 1st lead capture and marketing technique in place, and actively and consistent take action… Start up the 2nd. The 3rd, and so on. You’ll then have the marketing systems you need to generate the revenue you desire with premium clients you love.

1. Choose your audience. Where are they? Where do they spend time? What places matches you and your audience?

2. About your style. Are you introvert/extravert? You like to work daily, or get it done asap or best when meeting deadline?

3. About your situation. Can you invest time? When? Can you invest money? How much? Can you outsource it? Who?

4. How much will the operational and marketing activities defined cost?

5. Defining your revenue forecast; explain the assumptions and the best/worst case scenario.

6. How will you measure success of the plan? What is the success criteria?

7. If the strategy is not working out, try to determine why. Is the strategy flawed? Is there a problem with implementation or timing? How can you refocus and move on?


The 6 keys to success with marketing

  1. Amazing word of mouth from a great product
  2. Knowing the lifetime value of a customer
  3. A tracking system that can tell you cost per lead, cost per user, and conversion rate per channel (how to calculate client acquisition cost? See nr.12 at checklist here.)
  4. Constant testing of new channels and funnel processes
  5. Great storytelling
  6. 10% of your monthly advertising budget should be spent on testing new channels. (test all the channels & track the actual results from each one)


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Till next time, keep your dreams high and keep moving forward in little steps. Remember: it’s always your best next step to focus on.

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